Murder Aboard British Nuclear Submarine?!? We Are “Assured” Not Terror Related…Britain’s Conversion To An Islamic State Accelerating

Let’s see last year this same submarine ran aground, now it is involved in a shoddy little shooting that left one dead and another wounded and arrested. What is going on over there? And is it possible that some Islamic group could take over one of these and launch some missiles? Your automatic reaction to that question is absolutely not. That was my same reaction to the possibility of murder aboard one of these.

One dead in Brit nuke sub horror

Shooting ... HMS Astute

ONE person has died and another is in a life-threatening condition after a shooting on board the nuclear submarine HMS Astute.

The dead man was believed to have been a naval officer serving on the state-of-the art submarine, which is currently docked in Southampton.
Officers arrested a man after the shooting but said the incident was not terror-related and there was no risk to the public.
Several police vehicles were sent to the Eastern Docks at the Hampshire port and officers could be seen on the gangway of the submarine.  One dead in Brit nuke sub horror | The Sun |News

Media Ignore Wisconsin Teach

As NewsBusters reported last month, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and NPR totally ignored Wisconsin Republicans receiving death threats as a result of their support for Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill.
Although the following report concerning a woman being charged for emailing such threats was published by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel at 5 PM Thursday, almost no major media outlets thought it was newsworthy:
A 26-year-old woman was charged Thursday with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts for allegedly making email threats against Wisconsin lawmakers during the height of the battle over Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill.
Katherine R. Windels of Cross Plains was named in a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Criminal Court.
According to the criminal complaint, Windels allegedly sent an email threat to State Sen. Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) March 9. Later that evening, she allegedly sent another email to 15 Republican legislators, including Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau).
The subject line of the second email was: "Atten: Death Threat!!!! Bomb!!!" In that email, she purportedly wrote, "Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks."
As Ed Morrissey with help from the Underground Conservative discovered, Windels is a schoolteacher.
The complaint against her filed at 8:30 AM Thursday. Yet, according to LexisNexis and Google searches, not one major American newspaper outside of Wisconsin has reported her being charged.
Not one.
From what I could uncover, the only wire service to consider this newsworthy was the Associated Press, but as NewsBusters reported, its stories concerning this matter only crossed their state and local wire.
As for television, through Friday evening, there has not been one single mention of Windels' name on ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, or PBS. No NPR either.
Not one word.
Interestingly,'s Political Hotsheet reported this revelation Friday morning as did As such, these news divisions were aware of this matter, but still chose to not discuss it on the air. The only network that did was Fox News in a report filed on "The O'Reilly Factor" Friday.
With this in mind, virtually no Americans are aware that death threats were made against Republican lawmakers during March's battle in Wisconsin, and even fewer have been informed that a female schoolteacher has been charged.
Would this boycott have occurred if Windels was a Tea Party member and those email messages had been sent to the Wisconsin Democrats that fled their state to prevent Walker's bill from being passed?
It seems a metaphysical certitude every news organization in the country would have been all over this story like white on rice.
Yet because this was a union-supporting teacher threatening Republicans - crickets.
Makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?

Boxer Pushes False Claim Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

Senator Barbara Boxer, the number one pro-abortion Democrat in the Senate, is pushing a false claim that Planned Parenthood does mammograms as a defense of their status as a taxpayer-funded entity.
That claim comes despite an expose from Live Action, which called 30 Planned Parenthood centers across the country and learned that none of them have mammogram machines or actually do mammograms on site. All of them merely make referrals to legitimate medical centers that provide women with the breast cancer screening service.
Yet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Boxer has been repeating these false claims:
California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is lambasting what she calls a Republican “vendetta” against Planned Parenthood, saying that efforts in the House Republicans’ proposed budget to entirely defund the organization will impact millions.
In California alone, hundreds of thousands of women, the Democratic Senator said, use the organization’s “life-saving” services — including cancer screenings, mammograms, day-to-day health care, OB-GYN services as well as contraception and family planning. Boxer made the statements this week at a San Francisco press conference.
The local San Francisco CBS television station adds:
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer paid a visit to San Francisco on Wednesday, taking aim at the House Republicans proposed budget.
Standing at the Ferry Building next to a Marine Corps veteran, a Planned Parenthood patient, whose mammogram detected pre-cancerous cells, an asthma patient and a doctor of thoracic surgery from the University of California, Davis, Boxer described them as the faces of Californians who would be most affected by the Republican plan.
Thomas Peters of Catholic Vote responded to Boxer’s claims and said Live Action is “calling on Senator Boxer to retract her false claims about Planned Parenthood saving lives through the mammograms they don’t provide to women.”
“Senator Boxer comes to Planned Parenthood’s defense in the wake of a huge child sex trafficking scandal as well as their multi-million dollar PR campaign to preserve their $350,000,000 in federal taxpayer funding,” Peters added. “Senator Boxer’s top all-time campaign contributor is the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood regularly donates to and supports her reelection campaigns. In fact, last year Boxer was Planned Parenthood’s “million dollar baby.””
Peters said he is not surprised that Boxer is running with the false claims since she “has been pushing the abortion agenda in the U.S. Senate for 18 years and counting.”
After concerns earlier this year that Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards made false claims in defending its taxpayer funding that it provides mammorams for women, Live Action released videotaped footage of calls to 30 Planned Parenthood centers nationwide in 27 different states where abortion facility staff were asked whether or not mammograms could be performed on site.
Every one of the Planned Parenthood centers admitted they could not do mammograms. Every Planned Parenthood, without exception, tells the women calling that they will have to go elsewhere for a mammogram, and many clinics admit that no Planned Parenthood clinics provide this breast cancer screening procedure.
“We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” admits a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona while a staffer at Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kansas tells a caller, “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

Limo-gate? Obama's Federal "green cars": Look Across 3,500 Miles of Atlantic Waters for News on Obama's Ruling Class Hypocrisy

How long has The Chosen One been in office? A bit over 2 years, now, and it still surprises me that some of the most honest, stinging commentary on the man and his administration heralds from international sources.

UK's Daily Mail offers this scathing report on Obama's federal green car fleet by 2015 program, titled, "Obama: All federal vehicles MUST be environmentally friendly by 2015 - except my limo"

Barack Obama's presidential limousine will be exempt from his drive to make all government vehicles environmentally friendly, the Secret Service has revealed.
The president last week insisted that he would use the government's purchasing power to promote fuel efficient cars - insisting 100 per cent of new government vehicles would be 'green' by 2015.
But the Secret Service said that the directive would not apply to some vehicles used for law enforcement and security including the president's Cadillac limousine, according to the Detroit News.
Obama last week announced the plan to make all government vehicles fuel efficient by 2015. (READ MORE).
So, a greenie-weenie Prezie-limo wouldn't be able to deflect bullets, bombs, missiles and other assorted dangers? Perhaps so but it sure seems to me that the Presidential limousine could be outfitted with some sort of ethanol-chugging engine, or "carbon offsets" could be purchased to pay homage to the Left-God Gaia. It doesn't matter if the green engine retrofitting job for the limo would be predictably contracted to the UAW and cost billions of dollars...Obama and America have BIG ideas!
We shouldn't be in the least surprised by any of this: Obama's presidency is ruled by the defiance of basic economic law as evidenced by this Washington Times article, "Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success":

Investor's Business Daily reported that even the White House’s Director of the National Economic Council remarked that the Treasury Department Department had a good chance in "recovering most, if not all, of its investment in" GM.
However, a March 16 Congressional Oversight report, tells a different story. It estimates taxpayers will be out of $25 billion. Additionally, the report points out that “full repayment will not be possible unless the government is able to sell its remaining shares at a far higher price.”
That's only the beginning. Both the White House and the Congressional Oversight report omit the fact that during its bankruptcy, GM got a $45 billion tax break, courtesy of the American people. (READ MORE)
Government Motors is the ultimate Obama "green" program, bondholders were given the boot, leftists and Obama were put in charge, taxpayers were shafted to the tune of tens of trillions (oops, Freudian slip here, billions) and the politically-connected UAW won all of the "green" but not in a carbon-free sense.

Don't forget too that King Obama's winning prize was the Chevy Volt and a quick search brought me to a story highlighting that Der Volt's sales were down in February of this year a surprising 40 units. Not percentage points, mind you; units, bringing the total sales of this gem of central planning government mismanagement to...well, you don't even want to know.

I guess almost any sales figure is not bad for a car that costs over $40,000 net of a fat taxpayer-subsidization.

Here's a shot of Spooky Dude looking particularly spooky in a Volt, as Government Motors celebrated the car's introduction way-back-when:

Only in America and under the Presidency of this man could such malfeasance and stupidity be possible.

: On a palette-cleansing, non-political note, via. the Discovery Channel: "Secrets of the Secret Service - The Presidential Limousine"

Discussion via. Memeorandum, here. Cross-posted to Proof Positive.

Also read: Lonely Conservative, Scared Monkeys.


was Afghanistan Worth it?
Koran-burner: Florida pastor Terry Jones. Image c/o AP/Telegraph.
by the Left Coast Rebel

I don't even know where to start with the story of the raging violence in Afghanistan based on the March 20 Koran-burning episode of Florida pastor Terry Jones? Forgive me if I bounce between different political/philosophical points.

First, how about we start with the American-inserted figurehead of Afghanistan "democracy", President Hamid Karzai; brazenly calling for the arrest of Florida Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones, thereby -- in my opinion -- inciting more violence (more on this at Last Tradition).

New York Times:

On Thursday, however, President Karzai made a speech and issued statements condemning the Koran burning and calling for the arrest of Mr. Jones for his actions. On Friday, that theme was picked up in mosques throughout Afghanistan.

Um, no. Leftists and Islamists around the world (attached at the hip by their hatred of the West and capitalism) may hate to admit it, but Terry Jones, in burning the Koran, was doing nothing more than exercising his 1st-Amendment rights. Yes, the same leftists that extol the 1st Amendment-protected (via. several Supreme Court rulings) virtues of American flag burning think that Terry Jones does not have the same right to burn a religious book that represents the most pervasive backwards ideology in the world today. Note how close this unscientific poll at the Guardian is on this issue (it's actually surprising close, as I assume knuckle-draggers in droves took part in it), check out the comments.

I wouldn't burn a "sacred" religious text -- or any other manifesto, to make a point -- but it is Terry Jones constitutional right to behave like a fool and do so, like it or not. Any idiot that wishes to burn a Bible or sacred Hindu, Jewish, Shinto, Taoist, Sikh, Bahá'í, or Bhuddist texts has the right to do so as well. Here is a question for you: how many people would die if someone burned a book associated with any of the major religions of the world, other than Islam?

Answer: Noone.

Another note: Terry Jones is just the excuse needed by Afghani knuckle-dragging Islamists (I know, that's redundant) to kill anyone associated with the West. Consider this. How strong is the multi-hundred billion dollar-funded -- or is it trillion, who's counting when we're broke? -- American taxpayer-funded "democracy" in Afghanistan?

This strong:

This is not the beginning of the end for the international community in Afghanistan. This is the end. Terry Jones and others will continue to pull anti-Islam stunts and opportunistic extremists here will use those actions to incite attacks against foreigners. Unless we, the internationals, want our guards to fire on unarmed protesters from now on, the day has come for us to leave Afghanistan.

My friend Clifton at Another Black Conservative weighs in and brilliantly summarizes the situation in Afghanistan:

Many in Western civilization want to put on their moral equivalence glasses and see Islam as no better or worse than Christianity or Judaism. This my friends is nothing but wishful thinking taken to the nth degree. Pick up a newspaper on almost any given day and somewhere in the world Muslims are killing each other or someone they disagree with, all in the name of Islam. Even their women and children have embraced a culture of death.

When I think of all the national treasure we spend to give the Afghans a shot at freedom and then read about these killings, I cannot help but feel we have completely wasted our efforts. How can true democracy with and passion for individual freedom ever take hold in a place like that? Methinks not.

Clifton is exactly right. This incident is yet more proof that nation-building and promoting democracy in an area of the world that hates the West and democracy is futile. It is not worth the blood, sweat, tears, and national treasure involved to do so.

And again
: we're beyond broke.

After the September 11th attack on American soil, we should have bombed Afghanistan to kingdom come, killed those responsible and turned any area of the region to glass that may have been harboring Bin Laden and then gotten the hell out of there.

We cannot force liberal Western democracy on a people that willingly wish to be ruled autocratically by a Sharia-donning iron-fisted theocrats. They want to kill us all-the-more for attempting to force them to think otherwise. The sooner we as a nation realize this, the better.

Senator Rand Paul Rocks!

by the Left Coast Rebel

Senator-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky is impressing me more by the day. A recent incident (Thursday of this week) in the bowels of the United States upper chamber of Congress highlight Senator Paul's willingness to call out leadership on both sides of the aisle for lack of adherence to principles (or not having any principles, whatsoever).

Having said that, Harry Reid is an easy target on the Libya war issue and the National Review, via. Memeorandum, has the story:
Washington — Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.), a Tea Party favorite, has boxed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) into a corner. After a quiet day of quorum calls and speeches, Reid abruptly adjourned the upper chamber Thursday and postponed votes until Monday. According to numerous Hill staffers, Paul deserves some credit for the impasse.

Here’s the back story: On Wednesday, Paul, with little notice, attached an amendment to the small-business re-authorization bill. The amendment, which chastises President Obama for his actions in Libya, urges members to adopt the president’s own words as “the sense of the Senate.”

To make his point, Paul quoted, in the legislative language, from Obama’s 2007 remarks on the subject: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” According to Paul’s office, “the measure aims to put the Senate on record affirming Congress as the body with constitutional authority on matters of war.”

GOP sources tell National Review Online that Paul’s proposal flummoxed Reid, who does not want his members to have to weigh in on Obama’s dusty quote about congressional authority, even if the vote is only to table the measure. (Continue Reading)
I wish we had video of the incident above but Rand Paul's comments on the Senate floor the day before will do just fine:


Only 321 Murders and 2 Beheadings Since Koran Burned in Florida

Only 321 people were slaughtered this week by Muslims in at least 26 terror attacks including two UN workers who were beheaded in Afghanistan after prayers.
Koran and a bomb.

A fighter holds up a Koran and a grenade on the road between Brega and Bin Jawad in Libya, March 28, 2011. (REUTERS/Andrew Winning)
As Religion of Peace website noted:
Last week brought a sober reminder that every religion has its extremists, as Christian radicals burned one copy of the Quran… And Muslim radicals attacked a half-dozen churches, burned dozens of
Bibles, torched a girls school, and slaughtered 321 people in 26 terror attacks in just 7 days.

Can "The Beast" Go Green?

President Barack Obama steps out of the armored presidential limousine at Andrews Air Force Base. (AP File Photo/Charles Dharapak)
President Barack Obama steps out of the armored presidential limousine at Andrews Air Force Base. (AP File Photo/Charles Dharapak)
On the day when President Obama unveiled his "green fleet initiative" to ensure all new government vehicles run on electric, hybrid or alternative fuels by 2015, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked if the presidential limo, nicknamed 'The Beast' was among those vehicles.
"You know the limousines are part of I believe, run and operated and commissioned by the United States Secret Service," Carney said.
Secret Service Special Agent Robert Novy told Fox News, "certain specialized vehicles with law enforcement and security specifications are not subject to this directive." The Beast is among them.
President Obama rides in a custom-built black Cadillac which made its debut on his inauguration in 2009. Most details of "The Beast" also known by the White House as "Cadillac One" are classified for security purposes. The vehicle is fitted with military grade armor at least five inches thick with doors as heavy as those of a Boeing 757 airplane.
Last year Mr. Obama was asked if his limousine would receive any hydro-electrical updates. The president himself explained the cars he rides in are heavily reinforced. "So they weigh twice or three times what an ordinary car weighs. So they just couldn't get the performance, in terms of acceleration, using a hybrid engine," Obama said at an energy event in 2010.
A new report shows last year federal governmental vehicles used more gasoline than in the last five years, but Obama promises to cut those emissions 30 percent by 2020. A large part of that commitment is through the efficiency of new purchased government vehicles. The Beast, will not "go green".

The Military Deserves Better

When I first heard that we had begun bombing Libya, I wasn't happy at all. Many of my critics think that I'm opposed because I'm not exactly on the same side of the political aisle as President Obama. But, I also differ in my reasons for disagreeing with my conservative peers.
Personally, I don't necessarily find the action unconstitutional. I do, however, find the action confusing considering that when President Obama was a senator he criticized President Bush saying, "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."
My biggest frustration with this is a lack of purpose. A lack of leadership. Leadership is influencing people—by providing purpose, direction, and motivation—while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization. Our military lacks all three! But, I've found someone who can say it better than I can.
Since the national mission is not clear, Admiral Mullen’s uncertainty is understandable, but his words are inexcusable. Our nation’s top military officer is obligated to demand from the Commander in Chief a clearly defined mission with a clearly expected outcome (how this ends) – the objective. He owes that to the serving men and women and their families who are being asked to lay it on the line. If he does not have the fortitude to demand that from the CINC, then he needs to call on any remaining honor and courage that he has left and resign.
JD Pendry has a GREAT post up on this topic and since I agree completely with it, I'd rather link to him for you to read it. I've become a little gun shy about speaking my mind to such an accurate degree. But, even Secretary Gates agrees that “[bombing Libya] was not — it was not a vital national interest to the United States, but it was an interest."

When the most powerful military in the world is called to put steel on target, there needs to be a good reason for it. Americans are being called to KILL PEOPLE! No one should take that lightly! If the mission isn't clear to Americans, it probably isn't clear to the rest of the world either. This does not help our efforts to encourage the Muslim or Arab population that we aren't at war with them as a people. Don't get me wrong, I could not care less what other countries think about why we do stuff. We're the greatest country on the planet and we'll do whatever we want. But, in the process of doing what we want, the purpose, direction, and motivation shouldn't be a mystery. Again, go read JD Pendry.

Der Spiegel Photos Disgrace Troops

After Graner was convicted in the Abu Ghraib, I made it clear he got off easy. I personally thought – and think – that those involved in the prisoner abuse scandal should have been tried for homicide for getting troops killed through their actions.
Now, we have another scandal brewing, this time in Afghanistan. I don't have inside information about the photos published in Der Spiegel and NO ONE, let me repeat that, NO ONE has all the facts surrounding the photos. So, I'm going to speak generically about them and my thoughts. But, first, a little insight into the mind of a Soldier that COULD lead to the stupid actions depicted in these photos.

I've gotten many emails and comments about this photos. The most common question is "why did they take off his clothes?" Again, I don't have the answers, but this is somewhat common. One of the possible reasons is that the clothes were removed to ensure that the corpse was not wired with explosives. The Taliban and AQ have hidden explosives on their bodies in just about every location on the human body. In order to ensure that corpses are not rigged to explode and kill innocents.
Some stories have mentioned that the bodies were those of innocent people. I'm not going to comment one way or the other about that because it doesn't matter. Innocent or Taliban, Soldiers are trained that "trophy photos" taken with dead bodies is prohibited. Innocent or not, the photos are despicable in my opinion. So, the question then becomes, "why do Soldiers take photos with the dead at all?"
We are at war with the most disgusting, vile, evil, and inhumane enemies that this country has ever face. They don't hesitate to use human shields, kill civilians, or violate traditional laws of land warfare. They don't abide by Geneva Conventions. They don't treat our dead with respect and don't give any rights or privileges to our troops that are captured. In short, we don't look at them as human. Because we see them as animals, the mentality in some Soldiers is that they aren't really people. They're no better than animals, so some troops may not looks at their actions as somehow no different than showing off a trophy deer or hog taken down during a hunt.
But, it doesn't matter. Whether the individuals in the photos are "innocent civilians" or the Taliban, taking photos of those killed during operations is forbidden. There is no such thing as "I didn't know." We are briefed on these issues PRIOR TO any deployment during our Rules of Engagement and Laws of Land Warfare training.
Personally, regardless of who is the target of my kinetic wrath, I never took pictures of my kills intentionally. When I returned and had my photos developed, I noticed that some of the photos I took had dead bodies in them. I destroyed those photos, except one. I took a picture of a destroyed tank and burnt to a crisp. What I mistook as charred metal behind the tank ended up being a completed burned body. Someone else pointed that out to me. It's the only photo I kept.
roadside puppies
I took this picture outside of Baghdad in early April 2003, prior to the fall of the city. Looking at it, you would think it's just a photo of a couple of puppies on the side of the road. The truth is that these photos are feasting on the body parts of a dead Iraqi Soldier. However, it was a strong image I wanted to document without disrespecting the body of the poor soul who was killed and providing a lunch to these dogs. I vowed to respect my enemy, no matter how disgusting their actions leading up to my decision to kill them.
If these Soldiers are found guilty of killing innocent Afghanis – which I'm not convinced they did at all – then I would openly call for their execution. However, experience tells me that it's possible these people weren't innocent civilians as the media has tried to portray. Remember that the Taliban don't have uniforms. Al Qaeda doesn't wear uniforms. When we kill one of them, their Information Operations cell could easily try to give the impression that those killed were innocent civilians. They actually count on this and use it to their advantage. It's a conscious effort and taught to most combatives. Remember the Haditha Marines that were castigated in the media and by the left, only to be found innocent? Remember the Navy Seals?
So far, the only thing I see that these Soldiers did wrong is take and share images of themselves with dead bodies. It's contrary to our values and these Soldiers should be disciplined for this at a minimum.
Finally, just as what happened in Abu Ghraib was in NO way the fault of George HW Bush's policies, these photos are NOT the fault the President Barack H. Obama. These are Soldiers that violated their values and disobeyed military regulations and policies. Period. No general officers or political entities bear the responsibility for this lack of discipline besides the Soldiers themselves and their immediate supervisors.

Boehner’s message to Senate Dems on federal budget

It’s been more than a month since the U.S. House of Representatives passed a budget that would cut $61 billion in federal spending. But it is still awaiting passage by the U.S. Senate and ultimately a signature from President Barack Obama to make it law.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Speaker of the House John Boehner called upon the Senate and its Democratic leadership to proceed forward with its own budget.

“Well, it’s just that simple,” Boehner said. “It’s time for the president – I mean the Democrats to pass a bill. The House has passed our bill and it’s been nearly 40 days and yet we’ve seen nothing pass the United States Senate. It’s time for Senate Democrats to act on the bill. We know that reducing spending will lead to a better environment for job creators to create jobs in America.”

And as Boehner explained, the sooner that happens, the better, because it will allow negotiations to begin on a finalized budget instead of hoping for the alternative – a government shutdown.

“Now the Senate says ‘we have a plan,’” Boehner said. “Well great – pass the damn thing and send it over here and let’s have real negotiations instead of sitting over there and rooting for a government shutdown.”

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